Job position:
  • Trade Analyst
Job description:
  • Prepare guidelines and advices to clients in collecting or extracting data and information for purpose of antidumping and anti-subsidy investigations;
  • Conduct research and figure solutions to problems relating data deficiency;
  • Conduct review and check the accuracy and consistency of the numerical or data provided by clients;
  • Prepare data reconciliation table and database relating to the production, sale and costing for purpose of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations;
  • Conduct data analysis relating to a certain company or sector/industry’s business performance and market analysis;
  • Other data tasks as assigned.


Job requirement:
  • Having more than 02 years of experience in costing accounting, auditing, or analyzing data on types of manufacturing, import-export enterprises;
    Proficiency in Microsoft Office, particular Excel;
  • Language: able to work or communicate in English. Being fluent in Chinese is an advantage (Priority to candidates are good at both Chinese and English);
  • Having the ability to travel (with allowances) and work under time pressure;
  • Being careful and responsible at work.
  • Salary + bonus: $500 – $700 (negotiable depending on competence and work experience + bonus based on performance evaluation);
  • Fully insured in social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance in accordance with the regulations of the State and entitled to other benefits according to the Company’s policies (teambuilding, firm retreat; periodic health examination).
  • Participating in consultation of domestic and abroad business activities – trade – investment projects; settlement of domestic and international trade- investment disputes;
  • Mentored by Lawyers with years of experience and facilitated to develop the ability to work independently and manage a team.
Work location: Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi