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Anti – Circumvention Investigation On Polywood

By 15 September, 2020October 27th, 2021No Comments

Publication of the Quantity and Value Questionnaire by US authorities for their anti-circumvention investigation of Vietnamese Producers and Exporters of Certain Hardwood Plywood Products originating from the People’s Republic of China (China).

On June 9, 2020, the US Department of Commerce (DOC) initiated anti-circumvention inquiries to determine whether certain hardwood plywood products (plywood) from China that are assembled in Vietnam before imported into the United States as Vietnamese-origin plywood (i) are either within the scope of the Orders of anti-dumping of US, or (ii) are circumventing the Orders, respectively.

On September 10, 2020, the DOC officially published the Quantity and Value Questionnaire (Q&V) for its investigation on anti-circumvention for Certain Hardwood Plywood Products originating from China.

In its Q&V decision, the DOC identified 57 Vietnamese producers and/or exporters involved in this investigation (see Attachment I for a detailed list of the concerned businesses), which have been requested to submit responses to the Q&V. Other Vietnamese companies which do not figure on the list are not required to submit responses to the Q&V. However, the DOC will still accept the responses from these companies if they wish to participate.

To complete the Q&V, participants are required to provide certain information regarding (i) the total sales quantity and value of the subject merchandises in the United States, third countries, and in their domestic market, and (ii) total sales figures of the subject merchandises exported to the United States using inputs manufactured in China during the period of investigation from December 2016 through March 2020. In addition, companies also need to provide some further detailed in relation to their affiliates and top 5 U.S. customers.

The deadline for filing responses to the Q&V is no later than 5:00 p.m. ET, on September 24, 2020.

IDVN’s international trade has extensive experience in dealing with US anti-circumvention investigations against Vietnamese producers and regularly collaborates with leading US trade lawyers. Please feel free to contact us if your company needs any assistance in this regard, including for the completion and filing of the Q&V.

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